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    welcome to · Guangzhou flower flavours & fragrances co., LTD. · website
    18 years of food flavor and daily chemical flavor

    Development · Tailor-made · Efficient production · Powerful manufacturer

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    020-8616 7578

    Intention to create a classic, Chuan Cheng Wuzhou flavor


    The three major characteristics

    Give a better product fragrance experience

    Flavors and spices are volatile substances with certain aromas and fragrances, which can be expressed by people's sense of smell and taste, which will make consumers feel good about your products.

    A wide variety of products allows customers to choose from

    There are more than 6,500 products with an annual production capacity of more than 8,000 tons, and the output value has increased at an average annual rate of 30% over the years.

    is well loved by consumers

    Minghua has established 88 service points at home and abroad, which can provide customers with the most professional and sincere services in a timely and accurate manner.
    Product Center

    Consultation hotline

    020-8616 7578
    Four big advantage


    18 years of experience


    Own R&D Center


    Imported raw materials

    Technical Services

    Application and technical services

    Quality management

    Quality, safety and stability

    Complete fragrance

    Scent customization service


    Fine quality

    customer service

    Customer first, service first
    More than 18 years of experience

    Minghua has been independently developing and producing fragrances for 18 years. It has served more than 18,000 manufacturers in various industries. It has accumulated rich experience in fragrance blending, imitation fragrance, and fragrance creation. It has its own flavor and fragrance engineering technology research and development center and The large-scale production base can provide customers with suitable, satisfactory, and cost-effective high-quality flavors.

    Flavor and Fragrance Engineering Technology Research Center

    Minghua gathers an innovation team composed of doctoral experts, has established cooperation in production, learning, and research with many domestic colleges and universities, has obtained 19 invention patents, and has undertaken 5 national, provincial and municipal-level scientific and technological innovation projects. It has been completed Guangdong Flavor and Fragrance Engineering Technology Research Center.

    Every fragrance is the ultimate pursuit of fragrance by the perfumer

    Chuangxiang is a creative activity based on a large number of applied research and experience, integrating science and art. Famous floral perfumers perceive the beauty of life, capture the moment of inspiration, feel the soul and rhyme of fragrance, and develop and create pleasant fragrance and fragrance products; at the same time, under the conditions of ensuring safety, stability and health, each fragrance All are the ultimate pursuit of fragrance by famous floral perfumers.

    Provide corresponding flavor application services

    Our application and technical service center has gathered a number of outstanding technical engineers engaged in the development and application of flavors and fragrances in various products. At the same time, Minghua also actively participates in the research and development process of customers’ products, and provides corresponding services according to customer requirements. Flavor application services to assist our customers in the development of new products and provide technical services with higher efficiency and higher quality.

    Perfect quality management system, advanced inspection equipment

    Minghua quality assurance system is composed of a number of rigorous and experienced inspection technicians. Based on a high-quality quality management team, a sound quality management system, and advanced inspection and testing equipment, our entire process from raw materials, semi-finished products to finished products is effective Monitoring ensures product stability and safety.

    Complete fragrance, one-stop solution to product fragrance problem

    We have more than 6,500 types of core technical formulas, and has advanced fragrance equipment and fragrance technology, provides professional fragrance customization services, can meet the diversified fragrance needs of customers, and solve product fragrance problems in one stop

    Modern high-standard flavor production base

    Minghua has invested a lot of money to build a new high-standard flavor production base in Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, equipped with advanced modern flavor production lines. The current annual output is more than 8,000 tons, which is Minghua's strong and stable supply capacity and far beyond the same industry. The speed of delivery has laid a solid foundation to provide manufacturers with high-quality flavors steadily and continuously!

    Really brewed fragrance, fragrance spreads to the five continents

    The reason why Minghua Company is able to develop rapidly in business is that we consider from the perspective of customers to a large extent, and continue to meet customers' needs for improving the quality of their products and shortening the delivery time. For the urgent requirements of customers, the company has launched an emergency response mechanism and Give full play to the professional and efficient advantages of 88 sales and service outlets all over the world to solve customers' urgent needs in a timely manner.

    About · Us

    Guangzhou flower flavours & fragrances co., LTD. was established in 2003. Our company is a set of independent research and development, production and operation in one, is the most innovative ability and product in China. One of the best food flavoring enterprises. Minghua company covers an area of more than 20000 square meters and has 100000 GMP The purification workshop covers an area of 3800 square meters, with first-class production and R & D equipment in China...

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    No.1 Dongkeng street, Dongfeng East Road, Baiyun Avenue, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

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